grid study

(made in cavalry)



(made in cavalry)

aim for the stars

if you want to go to the moon

(made in cavalry)

pixel drawing tool

creative coding

try it yourself here (desktop only)

image trail hoover effect


try it yourself here (desktop only)

as one

random square cloud

(made in cavalry)

pattern research

for volta ontwerpers

(made in cavalry)

happy friday

all of the crazy, bold, stunning, stupid, smart, beautiful, well designed creative statements can wait till monday

motion type experiment (made in cavalry)


with me

corner pin experiment (made in cavalry)

Above is a mix of Cavalry experiments as well as my first attempt to creative coding. If you want to follow my process in creative coding you can find my studies here. Randomness, Mouse Click, Pixel drawing tool 1 (blue circle), Pixel drawing tool 2 (black square), Cursor influence 1, Cursor influence 2, Mouse trigger shape, First motion, Multiple scenes, (Most of these are best viewed on desktop. Or second best on rotated mobile).