Hi! For small and medium-sized clients in the cultural and art sector who start-up, who want to rebrand or strengthen / sharpen their visual communication, Peer Boon is the designer. With an autonomous and contemporary approach and a motion first, generative design mentality. The choice for clients who want to bring their identity and visual communication into the present and ready for tomorrow. With his years of experience in the cultural sector (since 2002) he knows what it takes. He works fast and efficient without losing sight of the end result. A timeless design that can last for decades. He is always in for new projects and collaborations. For inquiries please send an email to hello@peerboon.nl Member of BNO (Association of Dutch Designers).

Working/worked for: Academiegalerie Utrecht, Kunstuitleen Utrecht, Mooite, Galeriegedachtegoed, Paul Balk, Vrede van Utrecht, Theater De Vest, Caspar Berger, Anne & Max, Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten, Zimihc, Het Filosofietheater, De Staatsliedenbuurt Utrecht, Hogeschool Rotterdam, TU Delft, Bugaboo, Bols, Being Development, ZON mw, Huis a/d Werf, Festival a/d Werf, Korrelatie, Nike, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool TIO, Theatergroep Bambie, Theatergroep De Grens, Utrecht Inc. Ballast – Nedam, ING, Balance, Bestiaire, Bouwfonds BPD, FGH Bank, Rabobank, Festival De Basis, Staatslieden Art Community, Hogeschool Leiden, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, BAM, NHG, Theaterrestaurant Zindering, Gemeente Utrecht & Foot Locker EMEA.
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